Day 4: LL-444 Interceptor

Returning to their own universe, the Classic Space Federation are proud to present the LL-444 Interceptor from Doctor Sinister.

The LL-444 Interceptor is suited for both planetary and capital ship deployment.  Able to scramble very quickly to defend strategic resources, the LL-444 is intended as a fast attack craft – zipping into range with a hard-hitting strafe of its weapons systems against enemy targets, before breaking off out of range, ready to come in again with additional strikes, moving faster than many enemy guns can target.


LL-444 in Hanger

Dr Sinister says: Having once owned a large Moonbase made from early 1980's LEGO Space sets as a child, I wanted to recreate the wonder and joy of being able to swoosh a LEGO spaceship in the classic livery around my living room.

The brief I gave myself was to create a small one-man fighter craft that would pay homage to both LL 918 (my favourite set as a child) and the larger LL 928.  There's a small resemblance to LL 928 in the general shape of the craft and the upright winglets on either side of the cockpit.

LL-444 Mission Accomplished

In addition, I was greatly inspired by the work of Peter Reid - and I wanted to build something to a similar style - and you'll find a couple of touches on LL-444 that are a reference to the work of the Master.

I've stuck rigidly to the rules of Neo-Classic Space, although I took a small liberty with the yellow and black "bumblebee stripes" which I've tried to make a little more functional in appearance.  Luckily I seem to have gotten away with it without Admiral Shields putting me before a firing squad.

The landing gear is, as far as I'm aware, a unique design that I'm quite pleased with and the addition of "cheese" slopes which weren't available in 1979 adds a really sleek finish to the model which I like.



In order to have as much fun as possible with making images of the LL-444, including a mock blueprint, I have rendered the ship in a virtual format as well as building a physical model.  For anyone wishing to build their own LL-444, you can download the .ldr file here.


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