Welcome to Neo Classic Space! This site is a tribute to LEGO's Classic Space era from 1979 to 1987.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our recent 30th anniversary celebration of LEGO Space.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, set box images are presented purely as a tribute to the great set boxes of classic space sets, and to not represent actual sets.

An old favourite in new colours

At last, my first blog posting, having finally managed to register a couple of my models in the LL Registry (LL-125 and LL-144).

This is a model I made for the GLWS at STEAM in October this year: a version of 6980 "Galaxy Commander" in Classic Space livery. This is how it should always have been!



Mobile Rocket Launcher

Pete and Ed's Mobile Rocket LauncherPete Reid and Ed Diment have updated the old mobile rocket launcer from the original Legoland space lineup. I have very fond memories of the original, despite its major problem of a bracket half way along the rocket body. Their version has no such problem, and adds some lovely details, such as the metal detectors on the roll cage. The radar and its controls are particularly nicely done.

More photos on Flickr

Louise's Monorail Transports Hazardous Waste

Hazardous WasteLouise Dade's LL-325 monorail was designed to shuttle crew and cargo around Tranquility Base, but is it the bast way to transport "hazardous nitrogenous waste"?

Poor little astronaut has had an accident. Let's hope the clean-up crew get there in time!

Pete Reid's Exo Suit

Pete Reid's Exo SuitPete Reid (Legoloverman) has created an utterly amazing Exo Suit, that looks like it would come in handy both for general chores like shifting crates around the hanger, and for warding off giant brainsucking alien monsters.

Pete has long been famous for his bipedal robots, so it's surprising it's taken him this long to marry them with Classic Space. The results are totally worth waiting for.

I'm really glad this beastie is on our side.

Now we just want the version with dual gatling guns!

More photos on Flickr.

Space Crane

And I'm the third person to post in this blog!

Space Crane I present my "Space  Crane", which is a crane... in space!  It was inspired by a simple crane in an old Legoland Idea Book.

Photos of the crane can be found in my Flickr album.

The winch mechanism is motorised with a micromotor, and is strong enough to lift some of the smaller craft (I haven't tried it with larger ones) .  I think this is more of a repair and pick-up truck, actually.

The front tow-cab detatches and I plan to make other vehicles for the rear end, such as a personnel carrier and a mobile science station.

Louise (Tranquility)

Surface Explorer

Wow - I'm the second person to post on the blog!

I've uploaded pictures of my "Surface Explorer", a tracked vehicle built to Pete's Neo-Classic Space rules (I'm sure he'll publicise them once he's written them down). You can also view the complete gallery on my flickr

The 'Explorer is based on the "Lunar Crawler" from the childrens TV show "Lunar Jim". I originally planned to add the grabber attachment but never got round to it. One day I'll add and build in some PF functions to make it move too.

I hope you like it!



Welcome to Neo Classic Space

Pete with LL497 Okay, I feel bad posting the first entry, but here goes...

This website came about because of an idea Pete Reid had, what seems like an eternity ago now. But I'll let him tell you that story.

Neo Classic Space is a reimagining of the Lego Classic Space ships and vehicles from the blue/grey era, using modern building techniques and parts. Neo Classic Space models are more than just inspired by the classic space line, they are the continuation of that line to its logical conclusion, and as such follow a carefully thought standard that we feel is in keeping with the original designers' intentions.

neoclassicspace.com is a home for the models we build in this style. If you would like to contribute, please fill out the contact form and let us have a look at your models. We welcome contributors, but please don't be upset if we don't accept your first efforts. It doesn't mean they aren't great models, just that they don't fit with the Neo Classic Space standard.

But that's enough from me... time for some Neo Classic Space!