LL-264 in Flight Mode

The LL-264 series was produced in mass fleets to be used as a line of defense against the Ugokin. The wings were designed to detach from the main body, as they felt the need to be able to fight ground troops and scouts more conveniently. The wheels inflate upon detachment from the wings.


Builder Notes: 

As for the build itself, it started waaaay back in March when I was on my CS kick with just a few tablescraps (the gun assembly on top and the main engine). Once my large rocket was done (the LL-263), I decided that, even with my dwindling supplies of blue, tr. yellow, and light gray, my fleet needed another friend -- and I really wanted to use those tablescraps.

The main body (the blue section) took me a surprisingly short amount of time, considering the small selection of blue I had to work with, the Nnenn-style cockpit I was going for, and the windscreens I had left -- which all called for some rather extreme SNOT-work. If you look closely, the lower seating area and tail are studs-forward, the guns are studs-down, the front windscreen is made for studs-up constructions, the back windscreen is studs-forward, and the sides are even worse.

One technique that I use for cramped, SNOT-ty cockpits is seating the minifig(s) in one of these panels, because the legs fit in snugly, allowing for more headroom.

Once I had that done, I was ready to take a break from it -- but the holes that were planned to attach the wings to the body just screamed "wheels!". I popped some on and, while not in the true CS land-vehicle colorscheme, it still looked pretty rad.

I still felt the need to give it wings, as I had meant to do from the start, and started at the front tip, working my way back to the engine. Every single feature on the wings came out of desperation for lack of traditional 1xn bricks. I do like the way the alcoves turned out, though; I wasn't going to let my small supply of "good" parts ruin the overall look.

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