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L.D.M. in real life.

I'm currently 16, homeschooled, vegan, and, of course, a TFOL. I've liked LEGO since I was five or six, when I saw -- and got -- my first LEGO set at TRU. Ever since then, I think I've gotten LEGO products for every single gift holiday, along with purchases with most of my allowance (and now a large part of my paycheck ;). I would always build the set, play with it for a few minutes, then take it apart and build my own creations. I had a small gray age when I was about thirteen years old, but my Bionicles brought me out of that one day, when I decided to take all of my Bionicle sets apart and make Bionicle MOCs. When I was tired of those, I decided to do the same with my System sets -- and never looked back since. I had only build playsets for my brother to play with before, but now I built things that are fun to look at, instead. With this new development, my techniques started getting more advanced, as I actually cared more about the colourscheme and look, and less about stability and playability. Not that I don't swoosh my ships, though. :)

I think I discovered the online community in 2007. I spent more time surfing through Brickshelf, mainly, than building. This helped my skills more than anything. I didn't actually join anything/become active, though, until mid-2008, with Brickshelf and, when I got tired of no contests or comments, Flickr (which is still my main LEGO network). My joining Eurobricks, Reasonably Clever, and other sites came later, usually when I wanted to enter their respective contests.


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Models by L.D.M.