Day 7: LL-989 Starfighter 'Wildfire'

Pete Reid and Nnenn have colaborated to bring us the LL-989 'Wildfire' Starfighter...

An unusual prototype from Mars University, Wildfire is a nimble, one-man fighter with experimental drive-jamming technology. 

LL-989 Box Art

The guys have come up with an amazing design, with its four distinctive panels at the back. Are they soler sails, warp field generators or some other means of propulsion? Pete's cockpit is also an amazing piece of work, making use of a tran-yellow corner piece in a way its designers almost certainly never considered.

LL-989 getting a boost from an alien sun

Pete notes... I’ve always admired the beautiful shapes and lines Nnenn creates. A while ago I asked him for a sketch that I could try and build from, to try and learn from him. He sent me several designs, and I chose the one I liked the most. He also provided the registration number, which is a stroke of genius.

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