Day 5: LL-138 Scanning and Surveilence Craft

Next on our road trip through the Neo Classic Space Federation is LL-138, Tim Goddard's scanning craft.

Outfitted with a bewildering array of scanning technology, the LL138 is one of the first ships to arrive in newly discovered systems. It features spectrophotometers, gravimeters, atmospheric and climate sensors, to name but a few. It also has a cockpit designed to allow great views of new planetary surfaces and carries equipment for some more direct measurement of local geology such as the scorpion autonomous scanning robot and a rock penetrator sonic drill.

LL-138 Orbiting

We really love the unique and distinctive shape of the ship, and the up-sude-down construction to give the pilot/surveyor a clear view of everything below. Here he is doing a close-up inspection on an alien world.

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