LL-138 Scanning Craft


Outfitted with a bewildering array of scanning technology, the LL138 is one of the first ships to arrive in newly discovered systems. It features spectrophotometers, gravimeters, atmospheric and climate sensors, to name but a few. It also has a cockpit designed to allow great views of new planetary surfaces and carries equipment for some more direct measurement of local geology such as the scorpion autonomous scanning robot and a rock penetrator sonic drill.

Builder Notes: 

The LL-138 just sort of evolved in front of me, I had a few ideas of details I wanted to get in but the shape and design just sort of happened. Free-form building often doesn't work for me but this time I'm happy with the results. Only using old grey and not being able to find the yellow cockpit I know I've got somewhere helped, finding solution within certain constraints was a pleasant challenge.

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