Day 22: Retrobot

Continuing our trip through Federation space, we come across a couple of scientists, collecting samples with Shannon Sproule's Retrobot.


Although the Federation is well known for its vast array of wheeled vehicles, there are often situations where the train is too unforgiving for wheels. Flyers are, of course, invaluable, but prone to missing details that a ground vehicle would catch. The answer is, of course, legs.

Collecting Samples

The Retrobot is named by its crews for it's slightly old-fashoned appearance, even though they acknowledge it isn't actually a robot. Everyone is sure that they read its proper name in the manual once, but nobody seems to be able to find it. A two man survey vehicle, it has a fully presurised interior to provide a comfortable working environment. Remote manipulator arms are used for on the spot analysis and for loading samples into collector bins.


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