Shannon Sproule

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Shannon Sproule

Born in 1978, I was a huge "Lego kid" and remember having a few classic space sets but never a complete collection. I went into a Dark Ages during my late teens and emerged about ten years later. I work as a glass blower making scientific instruments but my passion has always been art: painting and sculpture. I'm still interested in art but my painting is on the back-burner now as I pursue my new found Lego obsession. I'd describe myself as quite a lazy builder, I do enjoy new techniques but mostly for me they're a means to an end. Having said that though, I'd like to keep my collection relatively small as I've found that if I lack certain parts for a moc it motivates me to try something tricky as an alternative and I usually discover something cool that I otherwise wouldn't have bothered investigating. For inspiration I'm constantly scouring the web for abstract art for strange shapes and looking at experimental vehicle designs.

Shannon's creations can be found on Flickr.


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