max braun

Day 26: LL-651 Mesa, Light Utility Shuttle

Keeping the vending machines in Federation space stations well stocked is a constant struggle, but Max Braun's LL-651 is up for the challenge.

LL-651 Box Art 

The Mesa is the Pick-up truck of space. The Mesa most likely will not be romanticized or immortalized but its role cannot be dismissed. The Mesa can be found performing general light duty work or transporting small loads of cargo and personnel. The rugged and versatile Mesa helps fill a vital support role that keeps us in space.

LL-651 in orbit

We love the cockpit solution, giving the pilot a wide visibility, useful for those tricky space station dockings (they always send the service craft to the older docking rings which aren't as spacious as the modern ones), and the wedges for the large bumblebee stripe.

LL-651 side view

And we especially like the ramp at the back and the cutest little rover...

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