Max Braun

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Max Braun

Sous Chef, Husband, Father of three., Max got his first Lego set in the fall of 1974. #384 London Bus at a toy store in Picidly Circus, London, UK. As a child he and his friends played space, town, and Technic. After his dark age from 1981 to 1990 his favorite personal builds have been Town or Organic based. However, he is a huge fan of Micro Space, Star Fighters, & Mech’s (especially Multi-peds.). He really likes the idea of collabrative Lego projects as well. This was his motivation behind founding Micropolis, Twinlug's collabrative building project which currently has over 80 sections. In the coming months he hopes to promote its pressence at Brickworld 09 in Chicago USA.

Max's models can be found on Flickr.


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