landing platform

Onyasis Tower

As the Classic Space Federation moved further into the galaxy, it became increasingly that the simple moonbases that served so well during its early expansion would no longer be sufficient. Onyasis Tower, built on Ictar IV by that legendary federation designer, Peter Reid, was one of the prototypes for a new generation of federation base.

Onyasis Tower

The tower provided secure headquarters for federation staff and well protected landing pads for supply ships.

Landing pads

Reid also insisted on the early establishment of a transport and communications network connecting the tower to federation facilities, and this proved vital to the success of the Ictarian colony.

Blasting Off

While the peaceful people of Ictar welcomed the Federation, there were others who did not, and several times the tower proved crucial in defending the system from hostile invaders. The success of the design can be seen from the numerous copies that can now be found across Federation space.

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