Jason Davies

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Jason Davies

Sometime in January, my old box of lego was brought over from my parents house for my little boy to play with. I couldn't resist delving into it, and soon I found myself building some of the space sets. I was reminded of how the instruction booklet would contain a Lego space scene on the last page, and that every boy my age asked there parents for the big spaceship from that scene and usually were told it was too expensive. I decided I must fulfil this desire, and started looking at Ebay and some Lego related websites. I discovered the spaceship in question was the LL 928 Galaxy Explorer - The holy grail of classic space sets. At the beginning of March I managed to acquire one in mint condition, after already purchasing the smaller 924 and 918 ships.

During my internet research I discovered there are many other AFOL's (Adult Fans Of Lego) out there. There are even sites, clubs and organizations you can join such as the Brickish Association, Neo-Classic Space, MOC (My Own Creation) pages, etc. There are events where AFOL's get together to chat and discuss their passion for Lego. It all seems very civilized and friendly, although there are also some elitists out there too - If your building skills are not up to their standard, they won't want to know you. There is a whole language surrounding it. I was fascinated to learn about 'moonbase standard' and 'big grey wall syndrome'. They also have pet names for certain Lego elements such as 'cheesers' and 'washing machines'.

Anyway, now I realise there is no turning back for me - I am hooked! I have no idea where this is all heading, but I have noticed that this is an expensive hobby. My wife is not too impressed with my Lego-addiction behavior, but she is mainly tollerant of it.

My blog can be found here and my Lego photos are here.



Good to meet you at MOSI. Enjoyed your classic space sets. Hope to see your new stuff soon. Going to be building on my grey/yellow classic space theme for STEAM in October.

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Models by Jason Davies