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Graham Dewhurst has been hitting Bricklink hard down under, and has made this awesome hangar...

Featuring some of his newer ships:

LL-554 Update

And some old friends:

Ol Skool Rlzs

I look forward to the next phase of this diorama. Great stuff Graham!

Thomas Öchsner Update

Thomas has been keeping the NCS flame alive, producing a series of great models since our last update.

LL1007-15 Sphere Walker - Box Art

The ground crew sphere walker is ready to roll.

LL1008-23 Omaron; Box Art

Thomas keeps the ball rolling with the Omaron - excellent use of spheres.

LL1012-12 Speeder; Box Art

This speeder is another fine looking piece of hardware.

LL1012-21 Beguna; Box Art

The Beguna is a wonderfully eye-catching model. Such bold shaping and strong design. Awesome work, Thomas!

Day 28: LL-451 Manta at the Battle of Solice IV

Take a look at this beauty from James Shields. We've been following the secret progress of this model for many months. Now that it's finished, it doesn't disappoint.

LL-451 Front

Nobody knows quite why the Ugokin war started, but all attempts at finding a diplomatic resolution met with disaster. The war was proving long and bloody, and with the Ugokin almost never retreating, and self-destructing rather than surrendering, any victories came at a heavy price.

LL-451 Side

The first major break for the Federation came at the battle of Solice IV. Although hardly more than a skirmish in militaristic terms, it was the capture of a Ugokin "Hunter" class starfighter intact that allowed Federation scientists to decode secrets about the Ugokin spacecraft that are still classified today.

LL-451 Back

Micro by Monkfish

Check out this little beauty by flickr user Monkfish44. Monkfish is a TFOL and lives in the UK... hopefully he'll join Brickish soon, and we can get a closer look at his excellent robots and spaceships.

Microscale Interceptor by Monkfish

Check out the rest of his gallery here.

LL-109 by James

This fantastic small starfighter by James really looks the business.

The retro box art is fantastic. Check out the rest of the pictures here.

Nice work James!

Classic Space Pioneers - Chad Smith

I know very little about Chad Smith.

He posted a single beautiful model in 2006 and returned to the relative obscurity of his Lego train club. The ship was a major inspiration for me, and helped refine the parameters of the Neo-Classic Space project.

Chad Smith's Classic Space ship

Have a look at his gallery. The smooth, sideways construction is excellent, and there's some elegant landing gear on the flip side.

Chad Smith holds his Classic Space ship

Come back to us, Chad! This picture wouldn't look anywhere near as good if you were holding a train!

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