Day 21: Deep-Space Research Station Omega 5

Today we delve deep into the far reaches of Federation space, to Ben Jarvis's Omega 5 research station, where federation researchers analyse signals from the farthest reaches of space.

Deep-Space Research Station Omega 5

It's a lonely outpost but highly productive, away from the destractions and interference of Federation politics. It takes a special breed of scientist to endure the long duration stays so far from day-to-day contact with anyone other than their fellow researchers. Yet those who volunteer say they enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Supply Buggy

Ben says: The thing that always excited me about the space themed LEGO when I was a kid was the sense of adventure and exploration that it embodied. Always being a sci-fi/space geek it was always easy to use just a little imagination to cast your little plastic space adventurers to the farthest corners of some distant galaxy without ever leaving your bedroom.

Omega 5 base

The Omega 5 Research Station was inspired by that same idea... the massive communications array is needed to keep contact with home over such a great distance, transmitting back data bout the distant planet on which it was built. Once the base was finished I couldn't help but make the little 'Scanning Rover' to help the explorers cover a little more terrain.

Big sensor array



I love these shots/creation. Is there a brickshelf / flickr gallery?


Love how well this fits with classic space, and your massive array there is super-spiffy. Also, nice work on the brick-built cliff face and photography...that warm sunlight in the first shot rocks!


That's a terrific idea, and a great execution of it. Cudos!

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