Day 3: Universe of the floating Rocks

Note: If you haven't seen it yet, check out yesterday's bonus post.

Before long, science and exploration teams are transmitting through the alien machine and arriving on the gateway rock. No one is quite sure where they are going, but it appears to be outside our physical universe. Controls on the gateway rock transmit the spacemen on to other rocks where they find alien machines, which seem oddly familiar yet function in completely different ways to Federation technology. No trace is ever found of the civilisation that built the Universe of the Floating Rocks, as it comes to be known.

We continue our brief voyage in the Thomas Öchsner's imagination...

Gateway Rock: After the transportation via the Secret Transmitter, the Spacemen enter the Universe of the Floating Rocks. The Gateway Rock coordinates the transportation between the different rocks of this strange alien environment.

Rocket Launch Rock

Rocket Launch Rock: In honour to the fantastic Lego set 483/920, Alpha-1 Rocket Base, I have created a floating rocket base.

Large Transmitter Rock

Large Transmitter Rock: This rock is the communication centre between the Universe of the floating Rocks and the Secret Transmitter built from the alien instructions.

Background/Building technique: Upside down building technique. Rocks in CS colour scheme. Every Rock has his own transportation gate and a computer terminal.

Universe of the floating Rocks

Inspiration: The main inspiration for me was for years after I have seen the fantastic music video “Feel Good, Inc” by the Gorillaz. There you can see a windmill on top of a floating rock. Later I have seen some great Lego models of floating rocks at some Lego Flickr groups.

During my work on Flickr I have met Pete Reid and his work. His Neo-Classic Space series are fantastic and he inspired me to build some models for Classic Space, too.

So, I thought I can combine the floating rock fantasy theme with science fiction and the idea of the floating rocks for Classic Space and the spacemen were born. 


about floating rock

do u have picture on floating rocks? i want more information about floating rock where i get those information?

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