Tragedy Strikes the Empire

The Ugokin Empire mourns the loss tonight of our great Emperor Nnenn III, who was tragically taken from us when his fishing boat strayed to close to the third sun of the Canopus system during the solar flare season.

Emperor Nnenn

The Ugokin High Command wishes to thank the Classic Space Federation for the brave efforts the crew of its medical frigate, the Nautalis, to save Emperor Nnenn. We understand that their ship suffered considerable damage in their efforts to pluck the Emperor's cruiser from the star. Sadly the emperor could not be revived.

We have also learned that the Federation diplomats did not intend any offense to the Ugokin Empire when they inserted a substance they refer to as "food" into the oriface on their heads called their "mouths". This is apparently considered a polite way of socialising among Federation races and it is an unfortunate coincidence that it bears a striking resemblance to a deeply disgusting and offensive act for all right-thinking Ugokins. In light of the bravery shown by the Nautalis, and the unintended nature of this offence, the Ugokin High Command have called off all hostilities with the Federation and have entered into peaceful negotiations over the disputed border teritories. The Federation negotiators have agreed to refrain from "eating" in our presence.

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