LL-300 Patrol Craft

The LL-300 Patrol Craft was designed to patrol the edge of explored space. Its broad wing shape provides ample lift in the thin atmospheres of gas giants and terraforming planets. Equipped with two large drive engines as well as two smaller intra-atmospheric engines, the LL-300 is able to move quickly along the frontier to perform its mission duties. The small onboard rover provides the crew with mobility when they must venture onto a planet's surface.
Builder Notes: 
This was a very organic build, as I didn't have a sketch or concept in mind. The only items I had in mind when beginning the build were the T-shaped tail using the spoiler piece, and the engines set into the wings. When building the tail, I decided to try angling the sides of the fuselage, and the rest followed from there. The tail was a bit of a challenge, given the odd angle of the technic connection. I included a photo in my gallery of my solution for that.
Active Service


LL 300

love the design of this craft!!

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