LL-109 Mosquito

LL-109 Fake Box

Although they struggled to be taken seriously at first, the mosquitos have proven themselves to be a highly effective fighting force and are highly regarded by their pilots.

Dispencing with hyperdrive and life support produced a small, light and highly maneuverable fighter, and the swing-wing design allowed large squads to be carried into battle by federation cruisers. Pilots would joke that they dodn't so much fly the LL-109 as wear it into battle.

Despite being lightly armed, squadrens of mosquitos proved to be a formidable opponent. Formations were often referred to as "swarms", giving the craft its nickname.

Builder Notes: 
I built this because I needed it to fit in a small space, which the swing-wing design facilitated. I had intended a fairly shallow angle, but when I put it together, they swung right into place against the 45º slopes and looked great. The nose was a bit tricky, because all the inverted slope fronts narrow at the front and would have left a gap. So I turned over a regular 3-way slope and held it all thgether by technic liftarms.
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