LL-925: Star Hammer

Star Hammer (LL-925)
Builder Notes: 

The LL-925 "Star Hammer" is my first Neo-Classic Space creation, inspired by my desire to modernize the original Lego Space Cruiser (LL487/LL924) set from 1979. The model contains original, unmodified Lego parts (and 2 stickers) from 1979-2010.

I wanted to retain many of the signature features of the Lego LL924 set, including: A) the two seat capability with a large transparent yellow canopy, B) the "split open" cargo bay in the back, C) twin engines, D) delta type wings, and E) as many unique parts that were first introduced from the original set as possible.

I added a few modern touches. The engine rotates 270 degrees to allow VTOL and powerful reverse thrust. The Gatling weapon up front is an upgrade from the original. Lastly - I wanted to experiment with circles and "empty space" (my favorite is the hole in the front wings), while still retaining the block-y style of the original.

When the model was about 90% done this summer, I discovered the Vic Viper pool on Flickr while looking for inspiration for the tail. I subsequently finished the model to meet the Vic Viper criteria.

I'm pleased with the result, but in true Lego fashion I am already thinking of the next version....


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