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  • BBCode Guide

    BBCode allows you to specify formatting rules for your text, even if you are not allowed to use HTML in your posts. BBCode originated from the forum software named PHPBB, and this site has a special implementation of it.

    In BBCode terms, you use "tags" to add formatting to your text. Every tag is enclosed in [ and ] brackets. If you want to mark some region in your text, you need to use an opening tag and a closing tag. Closing tags start with [/, as you will see in the examples below. If you mistype a tag or forget to close it, you will not get the desired formatting.

    Simple text formatting

    BBCode allows you to make some parts of your texts stand out from the context by adding [b]old, [i]talic, [u]nderlined and [s]trikeout formatting to them. The [color], [size] and [font] tags allow you to change the color, size and font of portions of the text you enclose with these tags. Both require a parameter (which colour, how big, what font) that is suffixed to the name of the tag by an equals sign (example below). You should not repeat the parameter in the closing tag!

    You can specify any recognized color name (red, blue, green, white, etc.) or a hexadecimal color value (#CDCDCD, #FFFFFF, etc.) as the parameter of a [color] tag. The [size] tag allows you to set the font size between 6 and 48, 6 being the smallest size. Note that using very large text is considered by many to be annoying, and it is seldom a good idea to try to attract more attention to your post in this way. The [font] tag can be set to any valid font face, such as Arial, Arial Black, Courier, Courier New, Helvetica, Impact, Times New Roman, Verdana, etc.

    I [b]need to do[/b] this by the weekend I need to do this by the weekend
    John said that [i]we should[/i] ask her John said that we should ask her
    I [u]would not like to[/u] offend you I would not like to offend you
    Let's correct this [s]mispelled[/s] misspelled word Let's correct this mispelled misspelled word
    Jane was at [color=blue]the coast[/color] Jane was at the coast
    Joe was in [color=#FF0000]the forest[/color] Joe was in the forest
    You said: [size=30]HEY![/size] You said: HEY!
    She said: [font=Courier]What?[/font] She said: What?

    Creating links

    You have multiple options to specify links to other destinations in your posts.

    URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) starting with "www" or "ftp" (eg. are automatically recognized and replaced with links. You can also use the [url] tag with a parameter to specify a link with meaningful text to click on. If you use the url tag without the parameter, the enclosed text is assumed to be a URL, and a link is created to that destination.

    Email addresses in posts are also automatically converted to email links. For compatibility with common BBCode implementations, an [email] tag is provided.

    For more examples, visit For more examples, visit
    For more examples, visit For more examples, visit
    If you have questions ask me at If you have questions ask me at
    If you have questions ask me at [email][/email] If you have questions ask me at
    We use [url=]the example site[/url] in these examples We use the example site in these examples
    We use [url][/url] in these examples We use in these examples

    Displaying images

    The [img] tag allows you to display an image in your post. You need to specify a URL to the image, so it needs to be accessible somewhere on the internet. Beware of adding very large images to your text, or the page will load very slowly!

    If you enclose a URL in an [img] tag, then it will be replaced with code to display the image. For example A good screenshot: [img][/img] will show you the screenshot (if it exists).

    You can also specify the desired display dimensions of the image by adding a dimension parameter to the [img] tag. A good screenshot: [img=640x480][/img] will display the image in 640x480 (though the full image will be downloaded). Do not use this to show a thumbnail of an image!

    You are free to link an image to an external destination by enclosing the [img] tag with a [url] tag: See [url=][img][/img][/url].

    Ordered and unordered lists

    The simplest list type is the unordered list, which means that there is no numbering applied to the elements. You can make such a list by enclosing the list elements in [list] opening and closing tags. Specify the start of one element with the [*] list element marker, which has no closing tag pair.

    To create an ordered list, you should add a parameter to the [list] list tag specifying what type of ordered list you would like to see. The possible parameters are "i", "I", "1", "a", "A", "c", "d" and "s" which all correspond to the display of the first list element.

    I love
    I love
    • Oranges
    • Apples
    • Bananas
    I love
    I love
    1. Oranges
    2. Apples
    3. Bananas
    I love
    I love
    1. Oranges
    2. Apples
    3. Bananas

    Fixed-width text and block formatting

    You can use the [code] tag to add an inline fixed-width formatted part or to add a block of (usually program) code. If there is any newline present between the opening and closing tags, then a block will be displayed.

    Similarly, the [php] tag can be used to post PHP code. PHP code will automatically be syntax highlighted for easier readability.

    Edit your [code]robots.txt[/code] file Edit your robots.txt file
    An HTML title example:
     <title>Page Title</title>
    An HTML title example:
     <title>Page Title</title>
    Some PHP code:
    function hello()
      echo "Hello World!";
    Some PHP code:
    function hello()
    "Hello World!";

    Text and block alignment

    You can also set the alignment of the text by using [left], [right] and [center] tags. The [float] tag can be used to place floating boxes in the text (especially handy for images). You can specify the direction of the floating with [float=left] and [float=right]. The [justify] tag can be used justify text on both sides of the page.

    Other supported tags

    It is possible to quote something that has already been posted, by just putting [quote][/quote] tags around it. To quote a specific person, use something like [quote=John]. Quote tags can be nested.

    The [sub] and [sup] tags can be used to add subscript and superscript text. For example, H[sub]2[/sub]O gives H2O, while X[sup]3[/sup] gives X3.

    The [acronym] tag allow you to identify text as an acronym and provide a description when users move their mouse over the tag. For example, [acronym=Structured Query Language]SQL[/acronym] produces SQL.

    The [abbr] tag allow you to identify text as an abbreviation and provide a description when users move their mouse over the tag. For example, [abbr=World Wide Web]WWW[/abbr] produces WWW.

    The [notag] tags prevent text inside the tags from being parsed. This allows you to give examples of BBcode and not have it converted to HTML. For example: [notag]These [b]tags[/b] are not rendered[/notag] will produce "These [b]tags[/b] are not rendered".

    The [hr] tag draws a horizontal line across the page. Handy for separating chunks of text.

    Using multiple formatting tags

    You can apply more than one formatting specification to a portion of some text. I was at [b][i]the coast[/i][/b] will be rendered as I was at the coast.

    Make sure that you take care of the proper order of the opening and closing tags. You should close the tags in the opposite order in which you opened them. Otherwise you might get very strange rendering results. Also check your post with the preview function before submitting it, in case there are formatting errors due to improper BBCode usage.

  • LEGO Filter Guide

    LEGO part codes.

    Use [part:XXXXX] where XXXXX is part number. Part image will display with default color.

    For part with color, use any of the following:

    • [part:XXXXX color:YYYY]
    • [part:XXXXX colour:YYYY]
    • [part:XXXXX; YYYY]
    • [part:XXXXX, YYYY]

    where XXXXX is part number and YYYY is color name or number from the following list:

    Color IDColor nameLEGO nameAlternative namesSample
    0BlackCONDUCT. BLACKMetallic Black, MET.BLACK 
    1BlueMetallic Bright BlueMET. BR. BLUE, Bright Blue, BR.BLUE 
    2GreenMetallic Dark GreenMET. DK. GREEN, Dark green, DK.GREEN, Metallic_Dark_Green 
    3Dark TurquoiseBright bluish greenBR.BLUEGREEN, Dark_Turquoise, teal 
    4RedMetallic Bright RedMET. BR. RED, Bright red, BR.RED, Metallic_Bright_Red 
    5Dark PinkBright PurpleBR. PURPLE, Dark_Pink, dkpink 
    6BrownEarth OrangeEARTH-ORA, Sand Yellow Metallic, MET. EAR.ORA, oldbrown 
    7Light GrayGreyLight_Gray, oldgray 
    8Dark GrayDark greyDK.GREY, Dark_Gray, olddkgray 
    9Light BlueLight blueLight_Blue, ltblue 
    10Bright GreenBright GreenBR.GREEN, Bright_Green, btgreen 
    11Light TurquoiseMed. bluish greenMD.BL-GREEN, Light_Turquoise, ltteal 
    12SalmonBrick Red 
    14YellowBright yellowBR.YEL 
    17Light GreenLight greenL.GREEN, Light_Green, ltgreen 
    18Light YellowLight yellowLight_Yellow, ltyellow 
    19TanBrick yellowBRICK-YEL 
    20Light VioletLight bluish violetL.BLUEVIOL, Light_Violet, ltviolet 
    21Glow In Dark OpaquePhosp. WhitePHOS.WHITE, Glow_In_Dark_Opaque, glowinthedark, Glow in the Dark Opaque 
    22PurpleBright violetBR. VIOLET 
    23Dark Blue-VioletDark Royal blueDK. R.BLUE, Dark_Blue_Violet, dkroyalblue 
    25OrangeBright orangeBR.ORANGE 
    26MagentaBright reddish violetBR.RED-VIOL. 
    27LimeBr. yellowish greenBR.YEL-GREEN 
    28Dark TanSand yellowDark_Tan, dktan 
    29Bright PinkLight PurpleLGH. PURPLE, Bright_Pink, btpink 
    30Medium LavenderMedium LavenderMEDIUM LAVENDEL, Medium_Lavender, mdlavender 
    32Trans-Black IR LensTrans_Black_IR_Lens 
    33Trans-Dark BlueTr. BlueTR.BLUE, Trans_Dark_Blue, trblue, Transparent Dark Blue 
    34Trans-GreenTr. GreenTR.GREEN, Trans_Green, trgreen, Transparent Green 
    35Trans-Bright GreenTransparent Bright GreenTR. BR. GREEN, Transparent Bright Yellowish Green, TR. BR. YEL GR, Trans_Bright_Green, trbtgreen 
    36Trans-RedTr. RedTR.RED, Trans_Red, trred, Transparent Red 
    40Trans-BlackTr. BrownTR.BROWN, Trans_Black, smoke, Transparent Black 
    41Trans-Light BlueTr. Lg blueTR.L.BLUE, 1.MULT, Trans_Medium_Blue, trltblue, Transparent Light Blue 
    42Trans-Neon GreenTr. Flu. GreenTR.FL.GREEN, Trans_Neon_Green, trneongreen, Transparent Neon Green 
    43Trans-Very Lt BlueTransparent Light Bluish GreenTR. LGH. BL. GR, Trans_Light_Blue, triceblue, Transparent Very Light Blue 
    45Trans-Dark PinkTr. Medi. reddish violetTR.ML.R.VIOL, Trans_Dark_Pink, trpink, Transparent Dark Pink 
    46Trans-YellowTr. YellowTR.YEL, Trans_Yellow, trltyellow, tryellow, Transparent Yellow 
    47Trans-ClearTransparentTR., Trans_Clear, clear 
    52Trans-PurpleTR. BR. RED. LITr. Bright bluish violet, TR.KL.BL.VIO, Trans_Purple, trpurple, Transparent Purple 
    54Trans-Neon YellowTransparent Fluorescent YellowTrans_Neon_Yellow, trpeach, Transparent Neon Yellow 
    57Trans-Neon OrangeTr. Flu. Reddish orangeTR.FL.REDORA, Trans_Neon_Orange, trneonorange, Transparent Neon Reddish Orange 
    60Chrome Antique BrassChrome_Antique_Brass, chromebrass, Chrome Brass 
    61Chrome BlueChrome_Blue, chromeblue 
    62Chrome GreenChrome_Green, chromegreen 
    63Chrome PinkChrome_Pink, chromepink 
    64Chrome BlackChrome_Black, chromeblack 
    68Very Light OrangeLight Yellowish OrangeVery_Light_Orange, paleorange 
    69Light PurpleBright Reddish LilacBR. RED. LILAC, Light_Purple, btpurple, ltpurple 
    70Reddish BrownReddish BrownRED. BROWN, Reddish_Brown, redbrown 
    71Light Bluish GrayMedium stone greyMED. ST-GREY, Light_Bluish_Gray, mdstone, Medium Stone Gray, LBG, Light Bley, LtBley, Bley 
    72Dark Bluish GrayDark stone greyDK. ST. GREY, Dark_Bluish_Gray, dkstone, Dark Stone Gray, DBG, Dark Bley, DkBley 
    73Medium BlueMedium blueMD.BLUE, Medium_Blue, mdblue 
    74Medium GreenMedium greenMD.GREEN, Medium_Green, mdgreen 
    75Speckle Black-CopperCOP. DIF.Speckle_Black_Copper, blackcopperglitter, Speckle Black Copper 
    76Speckle DBGray-SilverSpeckle_Dark_Bluish_Gray_Silver, dkstoneglitter, Speckle Gray 
    77Light PinkLight PinkLight_Pink, ltpink, parapink 
    78Light FleshLight NougatL.NOUGAT, Light_Flesh, ltflesh 
    79Milky WhiteNatureMilky_White, trluwhite, Translucent White 
    80Metallic SilverSILVER INKC.SILVER, C.SILVER, DR. L, Metallic_Silver, metallicsilver 
    81Metallic GreenLemon MetallicMetallic_Green, metallicgreen 
    82Metallic GoldGOLD INKW.GOLD, DR.LA., Metallic_Gold, metallicgold 
    84Medium Dark FleshMedium NougatM. NOUGAT, Medium_Dark_Flesh, mddkflesh 
    85Dark PurpleMedium LilacM. LILAC, Dark_Purple, mdlilac 
    86Dark FleshBROWNDark_Flesh, dkflesh 
    89Royal BlueR. BLUEBlue_Violet 
    100Light SalmonLight redLight_Salmon, ltsalmon 
    110VioletLILACBright Bluish Violet, BR.BLUEVIOL 
    112Blue-VioletMedium Bluish VioletML.BLUEVIOL, Medium_Violet, royalblue, Royal Blue 
    114Glitter Trans-Dark PinkTr. Medium Reddish-Violet w. Glitter 2%TR.M.R.V.GLI, Glitter_Trans_Dark_Pink, trpinkglitter, Transparent Pink Glitter 
    115Medium LimeMed. yellowish greenMD.YEL-GREEN, Medium_Lime, mdlime 
    117Glitter Trans-ClearTransparent GlitterTR.W.GLITTER, Glitter_Trans_Clear, clearglitter 
    118AquaLight bluish greenL.BLUE-GREEN 
    120Light LimeLig. yellowish greenL.YEL-GREEN, Light_Lime, ltlime 
    125Light OrangeLight_Orange, ltorange 
    129Glitter Trans-PurpleTr. Bright Bluish Violet w. Glitter 2%TR.BR.BL.V.G, Glitter_Trans_Purple, trpurpleglitter, Transparent Purple Glitter 
    132Speckle Black-SilverBlack GlitterCO.SILVER DIF, Speckle_Black_Silver, blackglitter, Speckle Black 
    133Speckle Black-GoldSpeckle_Black_Gold, Speckle Black Gold 
    134CopperCOPPER, DR.LA.COPPER INK, RED. GOLD, pearlcopper 
    135Pearl Light GraySilverCool silver, Cool silver, Silver flip/flop, Pearl_Light_Gray, pearlltgray 
    137Metal BlueMetal BlueMET.SAND.BLU, Sand blue metallic, Metal_Blue, pearlblue, Metallic Blue 
    142Pearl Light GoldGoldPearl_Light_Gold, pearlltgold 
    143Trans-Medium BlueTr. Flu. BlueTR.FL. BLUE, trmdblue, Transparent Medium Blue 
    148Pearl Dark GrayMettalic Dark GreyMET.DK.GREY, Titanium Metallic, TITAN. METAL., Metallic_Dark_Gray, Pearl_Dark_Gray, Metallic_Black, pearldkgray 
    150Pearl Very Light GrayPearl_Very_Light_Grey, pearlvlgray 
    151Very Light Bluish GrayLight stone greyLGH. ST. GREY, Very_Light_Bluish_Gray, ltstone, Light Stone Gray 
    158Yellowish GreenSpring Yellow GreenSPR. YELL. GREE 
    178Flat Dark GoldGold MetallicMET.SAND.YEL, Flat_Dark_Gold, pearldkgold 
    179Flat SilverSilver MetallicSILVER MET., Flat_Silver, pearlsilver 
    182Trans-OrangeTr. Bright OrangeTR. BR. ORANGE, Trans_Orange, trdkorange, Transparent Orange 
    183Pearl WhiteMetallic WhiteMET. WHITE, Pearl_White, pearlescent, Pearlescent 
    191Bright Light OrangeFlame yellowish orangeFL. YELL-ORA, Bright_Light_Orange, btltorange 
    212Bright Light BlueLight Royal blueLGH. ROY. BLUE, Bright_Light_Blue, btltblue, ltroyalblue 
    226Bright Light YellowCool YellowCOOL YEL., Bright_Light_Yellow, coolyellow 
    230Trans-PinkTR. BR. PURPLETrans_Pink, trltpink, Transparent Pink 
    232Sky BlueDove blueDO. BLUE, Sky_Blue, doveblue 
    236Trans-Light PurpleTR. RED-LILACTR. RE-LILAC, Trans_Light_Purple, Trans_Light_Purple, trlilac, Transparent Light Purple 
    272Dark BlueEarth blueDark_Blue, navyblue 
    288Dark GreenEarth GreenDark_Green, dkgreen 
    294Glow In Dark TransPhosphorescent GreenPH.GREEN, Glow_In_Dark_Trans, trglowinthedark, Glow in the Dark Transparent 
    297Pearl GoldWarm GoldW.GOLD, Pearl_Gold, pearlgold 
    308Dark BrownDark BrownDK. BROWN, Dark_Brown, dkbrown 
    313Maersk BluePastel BluePASTBLU, Maersk_Blue, maerskblue 
    320Dark RedDark redNEW DARK RED, 10. MULTI, Dark_Red, dkred 
    321Dark AzureDark AzurDark_Azure, dkazure 
    322Medium AzureMedium AzureMEDIUM AZUR, Medium_Azure, mdazure 
    323Light AquaAquaLight_Aqua, ltaqua 
    326Olive GreenOlive GreenOlive_Green, olivegreen 
    334Chrome GoldMetalized GoldChrome_Gold, chromegold 
    335Sand RedSand redSand_Red, sandred 
    351Medium Dark PinkMedium Reddish VioletMD.REDVIOL, Medium_Dark_Pink, duplorose 
    366Earth OrangeL.ORABROWNDark Nougat, DARK NOUGAT, Dark_Nougat, Earth_Orange, earthorange 
    373Sand PurpleSand violetSand_Purple, sandpurple 
    378Sand GreenSand greenSand_Green, sandgreen 
    379Sand BlueSand blueSand_Blue, sandblue 
    383Chrome SilverMetalized SilverChrome_Silver, chromesilver 
    450Fabuland BrownLight Orange BrownFabuland_Brown, fabubrown 
    462Medium OrangeBr. yellowish orangeBR.YELORA, Medium_Orange, mdorange 
    484Dark OrangeDark OrangeDK.ORA, Dark_Orange, dkorange 
    503Very Light GrayLight greyVery_Light_Gray, scalagray 
    1000Glow in Dark WhiteWHITE GLOWGlow_In_Dark_White, Glow in the Dark White 
    1001Medium VioletMedium Bluish VioletLilac, Medium_Violet, Lilac, mdviolet 
    1002Glitter Trans-Neon GreenTR.FL.GRE W/GLIGlitter_Trans_Neon_Green, Transparent Neon Green Glitter 
    1003Glitter Trans-Light BluePCTR LI.BLUE W/4.MULT, Glitter_Trans_Light_Blue, Transparent Light Blue Glitter 
    1004Trans Flame Yellowish OrangeTR. FL. YEL ORATrans_Bright_Light_Orange, Trans Light Orange 
    1005Trans Fire YellowTR. FIRE YELL 
    1006Trans Light Royal BlueTR. L.ROYAL BLUETR.L.ROYAL BLUE, Trans_Light_Blue_Violet 
    1007Reddish LilacRED. LILACMedium Purple