LL-642 Planetary Courier

LL-642 01

As even the most highly-encrypted data transmissions have some risk of being intercepted and decrypted, the Planetary Courier fills an important role.  The Planetary Courier is capable of storing high volumes of data and transporting them swiftly to their destination.  Its massive data storage capacity, high-speed thrusters and powerful laser cannons require four large heat-sinks, seen under the main rear thruster.

Builder Notes: 

The Planetary Courier is an homage to the 6842 Shuttle Craft released in 1981.  This was one of my favorite childhood sets, containing my first set of 4x8 space wings.  In this MOC I have attempted to duplicate the classic lines of that sturdy vessel, and also evoke the look and feel of NASA’s space shuttle.  The model is built on a central SNOT “spine” with studs oriented in five directions.

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