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Day 24: LL-136 Poulet Class Heavy Tug

Today's stop on our whistle-stop tour takes us to one of the Federation ship yards, where Ian Greig's LL-136 Poulet Class heavy tug is one the main workhorses, pulling heavy loads with the utmost precision.

The Poulet Class Heavy Tug is a mainstay of orbital construction yards, salvage depots and dockyards. A very utilitarian design, it is effectively two high power engines with a high-visibility cockpit mounted on top. Uniquely, the main engines are steerable, providing the pilot with precise control. The cockpit provides all-round visibility, whilst also offering the pilot high levels of protection, should things get out of hand.

Tug from above

They are often operated in teams of three or four; advanced automation systems allow one pilot to control upto four Poulet Class Heavy Tugsfrom the cockpit of one of the tugs, or remotely using a Remote Operation Console.

Tug from behind

The superior station keeping, provided by the large side mounted thruster units, makes it popular with pilots.

Tug from side

Ian says: A quick build, the planned model was scrapped less than a week ago when another in the 30 Year anniversary entries proved to be very similar. The name derives from the chicken like shape of the final model.


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