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Day 8: Mobile Scanning Unit

Sometimes the Classic Space Federation need to get down and dirty, and when they do Kyle Vrieze's Mobile Scanning Unit is perfect for the job.

Mobile Scanning Unit

The mineral exploration division uses the Mobile Scanning Unit to explore the surface of new planets, searching for valuable minerals beneath the surface.  The Unit is equipped with an articulated scanning arm and grappler arm and a full communication and navigation suite.  Two-person teams alternate operating the MSU and manning the hand-held scanner.

Mobile Scanning Unit

Kyle has this to say: I was going for a modern take on Classic Space set 6901-Mobile Lab, a set I had as a child, with its articulating arm, scanning device and gray/trans-green color scheme.  Pete Reid obviously inspired the radar dish, and the little white barrel is a "Chucktainer", designed by Chuck Citrin.  The trans-green scanning device is a LEGO paper clip. 

Mobile Scanning Unit

We love the tracks and the canopy, and although the influence of 6901 is clear, Kyle certainly couldn't be accused of copying.


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