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Day 2: LL-701 Shuttlecraft

We continue our adventure with a workhorse of the Classic Space Federation, the LL-701 shuttlecraft by Louise Dade.

LL-701 Shuttlecraft

Not everything in the Space Agency is glamorous. For every hotshot Flyboy in a fighter-craft, there are a dozen jobbing shuttlecraft pilots who steadfastly ensure the logistical needs of the Space Agency are met.

The LL-701 is a medium-sized shuttlecraft, an old workhorse with warp capabilities that is usually used for transporting supplies between ships and planets. Its minimal firepower means that in times of danger these ships need to fly in convoy with protection by those flash Flyboys in their fighters.

Loading the shuttle

Louise has done a fantastic job integrating the engine nacelles, and we really love the Star Trek feel of the whole ship. Also noteworthy is the cargo truck it carries - it's only 3½ studs wide, and Louise has invented a rather clever way of attaching the wheels.

Small truck

The wheels were made by pushing the studs of three stacked 1x1 round plates into either side of a 1x2 technic joiner plate and then shoving a tyre over the plates. I used plates rather than a 1x1 round brick because the ribbing provides a better grip for the tyre (see diagram).


LL701 from above


From the top, the LL-701's nickname, "the Armadillo", is apparant: the shape of the narrow cockpit and wide cargo-hold resembles the animal. A long-range sensor on top ensures LL-701 is always in communication with its mother ship.


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