Hilary Dade

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Hilary Dade Sigfig

Hilary, cake-baker extraordinaire, is the long-suffering mother of Louise (aka Tranquility/Bladewood). She has the job of conveying Louise to events, AGMs and LEGO brand stores, whether she wants to or not!

At LEGO events, Hilary helps to layout and dismantle displays of Tranquility Base, even though she has never built a LEGO set in her life. However she says it is impossible not to get this involved in the AFOL scene and either get interested in LEGO, or go mad.

The fact that Hilary is a fan of science-fiction and was responsible for introducing Louise to it helps when it comes to Classic Space. In fact, Hilary is really responsible for Louise's obsession with LEGO and LEGO Space in the first place.

When she is not being coerced into making LEGO cakes, Hilary spends her spare time being coerced into doing things for her other daughter, and making costumes for a local theatre. Her most recent sewing triumph was to make three otter and a lobster costume (don't ask).


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