LL-363 Starfighter


Originally intended as a deepspace tactical fighter, the LL-363 was considered too unreliable for continued production after only 2 years. Problems with the highly unstable engines meant most of them stayed on ground during the Blacktron insurgence. Lack of spare parts and horribly fuel-inneficient made that the LL-363 was doomed to rust away... On the other hand, this meant you could still find a lot of these aging fighters in backwater systems of the federation.

Recently however most of the remaining LL-363's are being reinstated into active service. After its faulty engine was redesigned, the LL-363 is now much more reliable. Its incredible speed and ability to perform a variety of roles make it a valued asset for the federation.

This particular LL-363, nicknamed Charity 7, was dispatched to a rediscovered splinter colony in the Buscolder system.

Active Service


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